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by | 9th, January 2004

‘FIVE likes doing things in batches.

A bigger star than Joey from Freinds

You get a whole load of children’s telly in the morning, a wave of films in the afternoon and then, just before the next tranche of movies, you get something the other channels would not dare show.

Ok, this is being generous to FIVE, which unlike BBC1 or ITV1 has no big budget soap opera to fill the primetime slots. But at last it tries something original.

BBC2 has stuck with gardening for what seems like an age and Channel 4 has American sitcoms, repeats of American sitcoms and trailers for new series of American sitcoms.

FIVE has The Big Question With Ian Stewart. And the title of tonight’s big question is “How will the world end”. Not how will Friends end or how to end a cycle of fungal rot on your dahlias, but how will it all end.

After that, viewers get to see Moving To Mars: Dot Miles And Creative Sign. No we don’t know what the part after the colon means either, but doesn’t it sound interesting?’

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