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Babes Against Bush

by | 12th, January 2004

‘HILARY Clinton is no stranger to stripping off for the cameras – as a student, she posed naked as part of a Yale University eugenics project.

Hilary shows off her manifesto

And while the National Enquirer tells us that the reason the former First Lady isn’t running for President this year is because she’s worried that scandalous gay allegations would wreck her bid, we at Anorak think there is another reason.

The launch of a group called Babes Against Bush has persuaded Hilary that she can do more harm to the current President by showing off the charms that drove Bill Clinton into the arms of Monica Lewinsky than she can through the ballot box.

Babes Against Bush (”…because hot chicks hate him too”) features scantily clad women posing provocatively in a bid to highlight the current administration’s failings.

The pictures are reproduced on a calendar, on a website and on T-shirts, all of which are for sale at

And, although we at Anorak haven’t been able to scrape together the $11 (plus $1.95 p&p) to buy a copy of the Regime Change Countdown Calendar, word is that Miss September bears an uncanny resemblance to the junior senator for New York.

Eleanor Vast-Binder, a former construction worker and one of the group’s creators, explains the origins of Babes Against Bush to the Enquirer.

”Sometimes the best way to get a guy’s attention is to flash a little bit of skin,” she says. ”We figured that this was a good, fun way to make people aware of the damage George Bush is doing to America.”

However, it is unclear whether Mrs Clinton is more interested in grabbing a guy’s attention or a girl’s.

The Enquirer reports on the existence of a secret ”lesbian file”, compiled by Mrs C’s political enemies and detailing her alleged gay affairs.

”It’s dynamite,” a source who claims to have seen the file tells the Enquirer. ”It’s very, very powerful stuff.”

In her book, Gennifer Flowers claims that she confronted Bill and asked about the lesbian rumours surrounding his wife.

”Honey,” he is supposed to have replied. ”She’s probably had more women than I have.”

After months of painstaking research, we at Anorak can confirm that Hilary still lags behind her husband in terms of the number of women each have had.

As our top investigator said, ”She’s close – but no cigar.”’

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