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Maid In England

by | 13th, January 2004

‘JOURNALISTS frequently risk life and limb to bring us their reports from war-zones, to infiltrate criminal gangs or to interview Naomi Campbell.

Beware Of The Dogs, Chefs, Valets…

But few assignments can have been as hazardous as the three months Mirror hack Ryan Parry spent inside Buckingham Palace last year.

If you are not being raped by a fellow member of staff, being mauled by Princess Anne’s dog or being asked to give the heir to the throne ”a wake-up call”, then chances are your physical well-being is being threatened in another way.

The Mirror this morning tells the story of how one of the Queen’s chefs, Richard Evans, supposedly launched a brutal attack on a Royal maid after a late-night vodka session.

He reportedly grabbed the girl by the throat, threw her to the floor and repeatedly kicked and punched her.

But the incident was hushed up by the Palace after senior staff persuaded the girl, who is in her 20s, not to press charges.

”Again the Palace are trying to sweep another scandal under the carpet,” a source tells the paper.

”This man should be prosecuted for what he’s done. Instead, the Palace are trying to do it their way and in doing so a violent crime will go unpunished.”

The incident happened after Evans (nicknamed Flash) arranged a drinking session in the room of the maid, with whom he was at the time good friends.

However, a row erupted and Evans, who is described as a recluse and has been suffering from depression for more than a year, turned violent.

”She had bruising all over her body and a black eye,” the source adds. ”She was in a bad way and had to see the Royal doctor.”

Buckingham Palace confirmed that the incident had taken place, but denied that any pressure had been put on the maid not to press charges.

All they said was that, if she did decide to take the matter further, she might find herself entrusted with walking Princess Anne’s dogs for the next month.’

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