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Monkey Business

by | 13th, January 2004

‘CANADIAN multimillionaire Phil Sprung is suing the Alberta government for the return of his poker-playing monkey, Tarzan, and three other pets seized during a 2001 raid on his Calgary ranch.

He has filed a £250,000 lawsuit for the return of macaques Tarzan and Jane, both of whom are in an Ontario wildlife park, and a female moose called Murray, who now lives in Calgary zoo.

A racoon called Rascal has sadly died since the raid.

The suit follows a decision by prosecutors to drop four charges against Mr Sprung of unlawfully possessing wildlife after a judge ruled investigators used an illegally obtained warrant.

Mr Sprung’s lawyer, Paul Brunnen, said the pets were popular with the family, and Tarzan used to play cards with people at the ranch.

‘I have seen pictures that he would play poker,” he said. “I don’t know if he’s any good at the game.’

If he wasn’t, all the more reason to get him back.’

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