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Keep Kilroy Off The Box

by | 14th, January 2004

‘“SHIP, Ship, Hooray!” Thus does the Sun celebrate the death yesterday of Britain’s most prolific serial killer, Dr Harold Shipman.

The doctor is out

The former GP who killed more patients than the rest of the NHS put together hanged himself in Wakefield Prison a day before his 58th birthday.

And in doing so, he (in the view of the Mail) escaped the long years of punishment intended by a life sentence and made “a mockery of justice”.

He also escaped the traditional birthday greetings, such as being given “the bumps” by fellow inmates to a rousing chorus of “For he’s a jolly good fellow”.

But Shipman is small fry – the Express concentrates its fury on another (and far greater) mockery of justice, the case of Robert Kilroy Silk.

The “world’s greatest newspaper” continues its “crusade” to get the 61-year-old former MP reinstated by the BBC by trying to prove that he was right.

As evidence, it highlights the case of Sudanese 16-year-old Intisar Bakri Abdulgader, who faces the prospect of 100 lashes in public for having sex outside marriage.

“Her tragic case,” it says, “highlights the barbarism exposed by Sunday Express columnist Robert Kilroy Silk before being suspended by the BBC.”

Indeed. In fact, the case of one African teenager proves beyond argument what we all know – that all Arabs are suicide bombers, limb amputators and women repressors.

Just as the case of Dr Shipman confirms our suspicions that all doctors are callous murderers. And have beards.

However, what the Express fails to realise is that Kilroy Silk’s views on Arabs, blacks, Jews and the Welsh are irrelevant – it’s just that we can’t stand him.

Which is why this morning Anorak launches its own crusade/jihad (delete as appropriate): ‘Keep Kilroy Off The Box’.

All abuse of The Sunbed King gratefully received at the normal address.’

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