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by | 14th, January 2004

‘CONSIDER yourself lucky. As part of Tony Blair’s Big Conversation, he had planned to write for this publication.

‘Am I still number one?’

But what with the British information superhighway being more of a B road, Tony was forced by the limitations of technology to appear on the radio.

The Telegraph tunes in to hear what DJ Tony has to say. “Right, this is Tony Blair on LBC 97.3 FM taking your calls until 11am,” says Tony.

And so begins an hour-long natter with the fans.

Tess in Uxbridge thinks everyone who has never claimed benefits should get a “no claims bonus” on their pensions. Steve wants council tax to be collected by the Inland Revenue.

The Independent hears Clare, an MP from Birmingham, say she thinks it would be “highly desirable” for the current prime minister to resign before the next election.

“I hope you leave your name and contact number,” says Tony – and that includes you, the Iraqi caller who thinks Tony’s listeners has been misled into war.

“I won’t enter into that argument about whether people were misled or not,“ says Tony, so narrowing the bigness of the Big Conversation.

Another caller, Simon Jenkins, even bothers to write down his points in the Times.

We hear that ”the Prime Minister cannot resist the limelight”.

“Whatever is the business of government must be the business of Mr Blair,” he says. “That way lies madness.”

To that DJ Tony just rattles his jewellery, pulls on his gold lame tracksuit, tugs off his dry brown wig (so revealing his natural bleached-blonde shag) and says that Stoke Manderville Hospital is a shining light in the NHS and that DJ Tony is the one true Caesar…the Geezer.’

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