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Nina Rebuilds Her Life

by | 14th, January 2004

‘THERE are all kinds of apples bobbing around in the celebrity barrel – good apples, bad apples, rotten apples, cooking apples, Cox, Golden Delicious…

Nina and Rick in happier times

So, when Hello! dunks its head in the water every week and wraps its pearly whites around a fruit, it has no idea what it will emerge with.

Some weeks the barrel is full of the choicest specimens imaginable, other weeks the barrel is all but empty and Hello! can do nothing but scrape up the pulp that has gathered on the bottom.

This is one of those weeks – and liberal doses of sugar and a handful of spice can’t disguise the poor quality of the ingredients with which Hello! has to put together this week’s magazine.

We are told that Nina Carter, for instance, has lived a life as momentous as the man she is divorcing, but when we learn that that man is Countdown regular (and former Yes keyboardist) Rick Wakeman, we are hardly licking our lips in anticipation.

Nina, we learn, was a model and was once dubbed “The Body” – but Elle McPherson she is not.

Nina, we are told, made tabloid history, along with Jilly Johnson and Viv Neves, as the first of the Page 3 girls “and still posses remarkable looks and a fantastic figure”.

And Nina was also a pop star, teaming up with fellow Page 3 stunna Jilly Johnson in a group called Blonde On Blonde.

Their biggest hit was a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love, which although it sadly failed to break into the UK charts was one of two No.1s the group enjoyed in Japan.

In between all this, Nina also managed to find time to be an anorexic and a drug addict, as well as running her own agency called Nina’s People.

However, Nina wants to draw a line under this part of her life and introduce us to her new love, known only as John (who, at 29, is her junior by 22 years).

John is her best friend, her partner, her lover, her everything – including, it would seem from the circumstances behind their meeting, her builder.

John, you see, had come to the house to give Nina and Rick a quote on some work that needed doing and Nina knew from the moment that she looked at him that they were going to get on.

“I like to see stars,” she explains, “and have dreams, to hold hands, cuddle up and watch a good movie.

“I like to light candles, listen to lovely music and feel romantic.”

John likes to do some coving, a spot of grouting, the occasional bit of repointing…’

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