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Crocodile Tears

by | 14th, January 2004

‘ENGLISH apples may be out of season or have turned to pulp (with Chris Tarrant the best specimen on show), but the same is not true elsewhere in the world.

Steve prepares to puree his son’s lunch

And for this week’s edition, Hello! has imported a well-known Australian variety in the khaki shorted shape of crocodile hunter Steve Irwin.

However, ever since Steve dangled his baby in the jaws of a croc in front of a crowd at his Australia Zoo reptile park in Queensland, he is “controversial wildlife warrior” Steve Irwin.

But Steve has hit back in the way of all good Australian males – he has gone on TV and burst into tears.

“I’d be a bad parent if I didn’t teach my kid what was in the back yard,” he sobbed, adding that his father had done the same to him when he was a baby.

A month earlier, Steve had been all smiles when he and wife Terri gave an exclusive interview just two days after the birth of their son, Robert Clarence.

“Mate, it doesn’t get any better than this,” he said, little knowing at the time how right time would prove him to be.

“The little kid was in such a hurry to get out that he got hooked up near Terri’s pelvic bone. She was totally exhausted, so the doctor used a suction cap to free his tiny head, which all of a sudden just pooped out.

“His shoulder got jammed, so I moved my hands up to help him on his way – and with a slight twitch, we welcomed Bob into the world.

“He was given a bit of oxygen, then I places him on Terri’s chest. He started a sucking motion – he was looking for his tucker straight away.

“It was so overwhelming I couldn’t stop crying.”

Crocodile tears, we imagine.’

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