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Diana – The Truth

by | 15th, January 2004

‘LET us take you back to August 31 1997. The city is Paris, the place is the Pont d’Alma underpass.

Diana got into a bad habit of not wearing a seatbelt at an early age

We all know what is about to happen – Princess Diana, the queen of all of our hearts, is about to die in the shattered wreck of a Mercedes.

But what of the events leading up to the fatal crash? Until now, it has been pure speculation, but this morning the Mail tells the story from the person who witnessed it.

Mohamed Medjhani was driving immediately in front of the car carrying the Princess and Dodi Fayed – and saw events unfold in his rear-view mirror.

‘I heard the terrible noise of screeching brakes and screaming tyres,’ he said in a statement to French police, ‘and saw a big car slewing out of control across the carriageway behind me and hurtling towards my car.’

Seconds later, he heard a huge explosion as the Mercedes bounces between a concrete pillar and the tunnel wall.

‘It was a dreadful sound, like a bomb exploding,’ he said, ‘magnified and echoing around the underpass.’

And soon followed by a screech of tyres as a Fiat Uno sped away, at its wheel a middle-aged, jug-eared man laughing uncontrollably to a begonia in the passenger seat…’

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