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Bringing Up Baby

by | 16th, January 2004

‘WE are not by nature a cruel bunch at Anorak. Sure, the occasional live bunny is boiled, but who doesn’t do that?

What force lurks in Colin’s genes?

But even good people like us were forced to utter a collective gasp when we saw the face of James Farrell, son of Colin Farrell and Kim Bordenave.

Put it this way, if Colin ever wants to work with his son he should pen a script for Rosemary’s Baby II: It Lives!

James is not a lovely, cuddly, good-looking baby. It needs to be said. There is kindness in our cruelty; it’s better he knows how things are from the off.

Even the Enquirer has nothing nice to say about the bundle, not mentioning a single “gorgeous”, “stunning” or “wonderful” in its story.

All it does say is that the parents are not happy with each other. James doesn’t get much of a look in since Colin and Kim are not on the best of terms.

A source says that Colin in paying the mother of his first born $8,000 per month. That’s a lot of green stuff, especially since our contact in the baby selling business assures us that James looks like a $100 package – all in.

But it seems (at least according to Kim’s lawyer it does) that she is entitled to more. Indeed, she is in line for a whopping $80,000 a month.

That’s a little more like it. But Colin is not saying if she’ll get the dough or not, since he’s been busy partying with Angelina Jolie.

An eyewitness spotted the two at a club in London and noticed that Colin couldn’t keep his hands to himself. “They were dirty dancing, flirting and kissing for hours.”

But then another source, again unnamed, tells us that, although Colin is interested in Angelina, she “found his childish antics irritating and brushed him off.”

But if she really wants to see some unappealing childishness, she should take a look at his nipper – although it’s nothing a couple of hundred grand can’t put right…’

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