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B25 Again

by | 16th, January 2004

‘ON the subject of surgery, the Enquirer is running an advert that makes us wonder as to its validity.

Polly Filler’s new range

It goes: “Vikki La Motta Hasn’t Aged In Over 15 years!” The story continues: “Thousands of women now look 10, even 15, years younger every day. Let Vikki take away your age lines and wrinkles almost instantly…without surgery!”

To support the headline’s claim, the advert shows three pictures of Vikki, aged 45, 50 and 55. It also tells us that Vikki was the fist Playboy model over 50.

She is now “63 Years Young!”, a fact worthy of another exclamation mark and your silent awe. After all, as the message says, Vikki does indeed look as she did aged 45.

This might be because she has had buckets of plastic surgery. It might also have something to do with a cream that Vikki rubs on her face each night.

It’s called B25 and Vikki actually created the formula herself 15 years ago. She has brains as well as a weird ageless beauty.

And so confident is she that it will work for you she has issued a “Your Mirror Doesn’t Lie ‘SET IN STONE’ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE”.

Of course the mirror can lie, especially if it’s inside the lens of a camera.

Just look at Penelope Cruz and her homophonous boyfriend, Tom. [We said homophonous, Tom. No need to sue.]

The Enquirer gets an expert to look over a few stills of the pair, and he tells us that their love looks phoney.

“They appear to be more interested in keeping up appearances than in each other,” says Atlanta-based body language expert Patti Wood.

The camera could be lying. And if it is, it’s doing so through gritted brilliant white teeth – just like those Vikki shows in each of her shots.’

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