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Meat Balls

by | 16th, January 2004

‘“IT’S shitty cheese that doesn’t even have any cheese in it, just gum and crap – and processed meat which is just fucking donkey bollocks.”

‘Makes a change from eating Pooh’

That is Jamie Oliver’s recipe for making kids’ food, as reproduced in this morning’s Mirror.

Like many of Jamie’s other recipes, it is quick and easy to make. The only problem – and it is a common one – is where to get hold of the ingredients.

Can we make a couple of suggestions? For the gum, feel under the seat in a bus, under the table in a train or anywhere within a 10-yard radius of the home dug-out at Old Trafford.

The crap you can obviously make yourself but, if you are worried about feeding your child your own waste, perhaps take a trip to the nearest park and look in the poop-scoop bins.

That just leaves the donkey bollocks, which unfortunately can prove something of a challenge.

Donkeys themselves are not that easy to find and the ones we have come across have unsurprisingly not been keen on relinquishing their most precious assets.

However, the good news is that Sainsbury’s are due to bring out a range of Healthy Eating Kids Options later in the year, based on Jamie’s recipes.

The Donkey’s Bollocks (featuring the gonads of asses reared in Peru especially for the task) are expected to be a big hit with adults and children alike.’

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