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This Morning Glory

by | 19th, January 2004

‘WHILE Robert Kilroy-Silk takes extended sunbed leave in readiness for his next TV appearance as the new face of Tango, the papers zoom in on another man who was also once a force on daytime television.

Not to be seen on TV This Morning – or any other morning

It’s time to hear what John Leslie, the too-tall former presenter of ITV’s This Morning, has been getting up to.

The Scot’s views on Arabs are left unreported, but since he does, apparently, like more than one woman at a time, we can make a decent guess that he is not altogether against polygamy.

In “You’ve Blown It, John”, the Star’s front page claims that Leslie’s bid to return to our screens has been hit by claims that he has partaken in four-in-a-bed sex romps.

After a preamble about a nightclub, dancing, and invitations back to Leslie’s home in suburban Sheen, readers learn how ex-basketball pro Jayson Blayde ended being filmed by Leslie while he frolicked in bed with two women, one of whom was Leslie’s girlfriend, Abi Titmuss.

“I see John’s now presenting himself as a reformed character,“ says Blayde, “but he’s kept a stack of pictures and video footage of me in bed without my permission, just to satisfy his own sick lust.”

As such, the man, who by his own admission spent part of the evening thinking, “It doesn’t get any better than this”, is disgusted and shocked.

Meanwhile, the Sun takes things on a little and writes the blurb for any upcoming video release of Leslie’s antics, highlighting the words, “GROPE”, “LESBIAN”, “KINKY”, MAULED” and “FILMED”.

It seems very much like Leslie could indeed, as Blayde puts it, be presenting himself, albeit in a series of X-rated videos for the more adult daytime viewer.

And he could be joined on screen by the lovely Ms Titmuss. As the Mail reports, Leslie’s paramour has been preparing for her part by, apparently, undergoing a breast enlargement operation.

Beneath a long picture of the blonde, who left nursing to launch a career on the telly, the Mail writes: “The dark area at the bottom of her left breast could be a scar from implant surgery.”

Of course, appalled Mail readers will have to really stare. Although, according to Blayde, if you ask Leslie nicely enough, he’ll let you have a researching feel.’

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