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No Going Back

by | 19th, January 2004

‘DID you know that 75% of us “want to pack in Britain”? No, neither did we, and the Express’ story comes as something of a shock.

Anorak hopefuls wait in line

We thought Anorak was a tight, feel-good ship, but when we learn that three in every four of us want to quit, we look on things with a glum heart.

But not to worry, because the Sun say that when the disloyal members of staff have left for new lives rearing pasta in some godforsaken part of Italy, we will be partying hard with our new Polish and Slovakian co-workers.

In “SEE YOU IN MAY,” the Sun leads with the news that tens of thousands of gypsies are planning to arrive in Britain when the European Union expands on May 1.

But will it be enough? With three-quarters of us heading in the opposite direction, will the “grateful” gypsies” coming our way be able to fill the void?

By our estimation, the five buses that leave Warsaw every day on the 26-hour journey to London carry around 300 people.

That’s not enough. We need more cars, trucks, bikes and scooters to help with this new Dunkirk if all the 1.5 million Roma gypsies are to set up home here.

So come on, get off your high horse about how life in Blighty is just sooo bad and give it to someone who wants it. And if you’ve got any skateboards going spare, send them too.’

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