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by | 19th, January 2004

‘STILL reeling from the findings that so many of us want to leave this blessed plot, the Mail lets us know the findings of another survey.

”I’m cold… Fancy a shag?”

This one was found in Country Living magazine and it says that sex is better in the countryside.

Twenty-six per cent of the 1,000 respondents who had moved from the city to the green pastures said they made love more often than they used to.

Forty-one per cent said moving to the country had injected a “new sense of adventure” in their love lives; 39% said the quality of sex had improved; 32% claimed to be more spontaneous in their love making; and 100% liked to fill in a survey while making out.

And Linda de Lisle, a 43-year-old author (no, neither have we), who lives in Nuneaton, says that she is not surprised.

“In London couples are so busy that fertility clinics have to help them find ‘windows of opportunity’ to make love.

Country people know that there is nothing like a little exercise to generate body heat.”

So it’s less a matter of romance and more a matter of survival and saving on the firewood.

It sounds like central heating could do for the future of rutting country folk what BSE did for the cows.’

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