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by | 19th, January 2004

‘WE have little to thank the Nazis for. Their presence runs like a scar across history, sending a gelid shudder down the spine of any of us who have in any way been touched by their evil regime.

A face made for TV

But in purely televisual terms, the Nazis’ legacy has been enormous.

Entire TV stations are utterly dependent on the images the German war machine left behind. Just take a look at UK History’s output this week: Churchill; Weapons of World War II; and Seeds of War.

And TV executives love nothing more than a new angle on the last big war. So tonight Channel 4 brings us The Great Nazi Cash Swindle.

The show centres on a group of Jewish prisoners made to produce forged British banknotes by their German persecutors, on pain of death.

The plan was to drop the entire bundle on Britain; this would lead to spiralling inflation and unsettle the government.

It was a fiendish plan. And it might just have worked had it not been for a change of tack – the Germans used the cash to fund covert operations.

It makes for a gripping story, made no less so than by the testimonies of four of the forgers at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.’

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