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by | 19th, January 2004

‘ASKING Jodie Marsh whether she has any celebrity friends is a bit like asking Hot Stars columnist Kerry Katona whether she sleeps on her back.

”Anyone seen a footballer?”

Of course Jodie has celebrity friends.

“Ricardo from The Salon came to my birthday party at my boyfriend Fran’s nightclub, Trap,” the woman herself explains. “Ricardo was dancing on the tables and pulled up our mums to join him!

“Mohammed George (Gus from EastEnders) is a good friend.”

So that’s two already, even if you don’t include Jodie’s boyfriend Fran Cosgrave, who once went out with Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton.

And that’s not all. Jodie once snogged Dane from D-Side; she went to Lindsey Dawn Mackenzie’s birthday party; and she had a great time at last year’s MTV Base party.

“Loads of celebs were there,” she gushes, “everyone was up for a laugh and there was lots of free booze and food.”

And if that isn’t the recipe for a good party, we’d like to know what is.

But despite their celebrity friends and celebrity parties, Fran and Jodie have their feet very much on the ground.

“The showbiz couple thing doesn’t bother me,” Fran says. “When people see us as a couple, I think they presume a lot about us.

“This not a quick fling. This relationship is not about us being the next Posh and Becks.”

Indeed, Fran seems to have a bit of an obsession with not being the Beckhams.

“Jodie’s often turned up at the club wearing the same clothes as me – it’s weird,” he says elsewhere in the interview. “People think we plan it like Posh and Becks, but we don’t.”

Indeed Fran couldn’t be more unlike Becks if he tried. And as for Posh and Jodie, well, one’s a fame-obsessed talentless wannabe and the other…’

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