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by | 20th, January 2004

‘WITH a record like that, it is no wonder that Tony Blair is proud to call President Bush a friend.

The Ugly Rumours were big in Iraq

But even he can surely only marvel at how his Texan chum can boast a favourable poll rating when he has been such a divisive – and often disastrous – President.

The US administration may have lied through its teeth about the reason for going to war with Iraq (such as the absurd notion that Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda were somehow in cahoots), but no-one really seems to care.

Blair, on the other hand, may have ‘sexed up’ a dossier outlining the threat posed by the Iraqi regime and he is fighting for his very survival.

According to a poll in this morning’s Guardian, almost half of all voters believe the Prime Minister lied when he said he did not authorise the leaking of Dr David Kelly’s name to the media.

And nearly two-thirds of all voters think he should resign if Lord Hutton’s report arrives at the same conclusion.

Nor is the news much better over university top-up fees, with 60% of the public instinctively opposed and 85% believing that it will lead to fewer people going on to higher education.

However, one grain of comfort for the embattled Mr Blair comes in the Times, which reports that the OECD has backed the plans as ‘essential’ and ‘commendable’.

And, in its annual review of the British economy (a draft of which has been seen by the paper), it holds out the scheme as a role model for other European economies.

In a model of understatement last night, the PM admitted that he was going through ‘a difficult time’, but added: ‘I believe I will survive.’

Oh, as long as I know how to lie…’

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