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A Shoreditch Hit

by | 21st, January 2004

‘SINCE Kilroy’s removal from our screens, Anorak has been doing a brisk trade in videos of his many notable past performances.

‘I can do the first two bars of the Marsellaise’

Who can forget ‘My Mother Dresses Like a Tart’, ‘Dad – I Love You (Wherever You Are)’, and ‘I Had Surgery To Look Like My Pet’? All cutting-edge TV.

But not all videos are selling so well, and now anyone ordering an Anorak Kilroy Klassik (delivered to your door wrapped in a discreet burkah) will get a FREE! copy of Shane Richie’s movie, Shoreditch.

We know you haven’t heard of it, but Shane hopes the DVD experience will make the movie more popular than the big-screen version, which reaped the splendid sum of £2,272.

Shane is not one to be deterred by failure, however, and readers of the Star will already be on the look-out for multi-talented Shane’s latest musical recording.

Jo Brand, the burly comedienne, apparently challenged Richie to see if he could fart the Albanian national anthem.

The challenge was issued on a BBC TV Christmas special, and was picked up on by the local Albanian community.

And they have angrily responded: ‘The Albanian national anthem and flag are precious symbols of one of the oldest nations in Europe.’

As such, the recording has gravitas to go with the bounce and verve Richie is sure to give it, ensuring that it will prove to be every bit as popular as his celluloid efforts.’

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