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Fight Night

by | 21st, January 2004

‘HERE’S a poser for you: if the BBC broadcast decent television on a Saturday night would people be less likely to go out and therefore less likely to start fights and cause mayhem in town centres?

Do not overinflate

Until Casualty is taken off air and Eamonn Holmes is deflated, we might never know the answer.

All we have is the resultant mess. And irony or ironies, the BBC has an hour-long show dedicated to Saturday night violence.

From 9pm to 10pm, you can sit back on your Lazy Boy sofa and see if you can spot ‘Mad’ Tony or local Speed Dealer Matt ‘The Talc’ in the assorted CCTV footage that now passes for genuine television programming.

The Beeb takes us on a typical Saturday night in a typical town, following binge drinkers as they pour out of clubs and pubs and beat each other senseless.

Some even end up in casualty – not as extras, but as bona fide patients. And with any luck, the BBC will send along Gaby Roslin to see how they are doing.’

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