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The Windows To Your Soul

by | 22nd, January 2004

‘BUT how do you spot the real criminals from the fake ones?

‘Are you now or have you ever been a liar?’

Locking them in a room and firing electric shocks into their genitalia is one way. But how much neater to trap them at source.

And the new way to do this is spotted by the Mail, which profiles the “magic eye on terror”.

The device is concealed in a pair of sunglasses. The border guard, or torturer, wears them while asking the target the usual questions.

Built into the specs is a lie detector, which picks up on incoming voice waves and measures levels of stress from the speed and pitch of response.

A light, visible only to the wearer, blinks a red, green or yellow light.

And since it is between 70% and 90% accurate, it means that only a maximum of three in ten people targeted by the glasses will be banged up and labelled as liars.

But whatever the faults of lie-detectors, double-glazing firm Trademark Windows is taking a punt they will work for them.

The Star says that the firm’s army of salesmen is travelling equipped with the hand-held lie detector known as The Truster.

The company’s Steve Wilcock explains all: “There are a lot of shysters who stay in people’s homes for three or four hours until the customer signs.

“The Truster will hopefully get rid of our bad reputation.”

If successful, Tony Blair plans to hand them to all his MPs…’

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