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Not Mad About Alice

by | 23rd, January 2004

‘THERE are people out there who think that soap operas are a form of reality TV: the Queen Vic exists, as do Jack and Vera Duckworth and the farming folk in Emmerdale.

‘Anyone want to play Dungeons & Dragons?’

Of course, even the delusional like to place a limit on their other worlds. And just as Hollyoaks is clearly a fictional place populated by people who are only make-believe actors, Mad About Alice is false.

In the real world, this new BBC show could not possibly happen. Sure, a couple who are still clearly in love despite the fact they are no longer married can and does occur.

But could the couple in anyone’s wildest dreams be Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakston?

To dispel belief that he is anything but a former children’s TV presenter who got caught with his pants down in a den of vice, Theakston would have to be quite some actor.

And can we ever believe that Holden is a syrupy, good-at-heart girl whose peach-perfect dreams of love and romance are shattered by cruel men and a crueller life?

The only people who believe this could be remotely true are the casting staff at the BBC who are allowing their wildest fantasies to impinge upon their work.’

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