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Snout To Worry About

by | 26th, January 2004

‘ANOTHER creature misunderstood by the world at large is the wild boar.

If Gordon Ramsay made swill…

The Independent says that many of us view the ugly, hairy pigs as disease-carrying, crop-munching vermin.

But they are so much more. In the paper’s opinion, boars are “charismatic” animals that have made a welcome return to the British social scene.

After a number of daring escapes from boar farms, the countryside is now chock-a-block with the darling beasties.

As such, the Government is wondering what to do about them all. Should they be shot or simply slow-roasted over a pit of burning sheep?

It’s all a matter of taste. Like it is for the boar’s shorter, pinker cousin, the pig, which, as the Guardian reports, is part of a new experiment in farming.

In place of antibiotics and steroids in their feed, biologists at Leeds University are going to feed the porcine ones living at the university’s Yorkshire farms swill enhanced with thyme, garlic, aniseed and a soupcon of cinnamon.

The aim is to find sustainable alternatives to the man-made drugs. And if the beast can be pre-seasoned before it reaches the pot, so much the better…’

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