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Famous Last Words

by | 26th, January 2004

‘HMMMMMMM. Jordan is banned from taking her vibrator into the jungle with her for the third series of I’m A Celebrity… and her big-breasted fellow contestant Kelly McFadden is taken to hospital suffering from a panic attack just a day before leaving for Australia.

Kerry gets a lot of things off her chest

Does anyone spot the hand of a PR agency desperate to drum up a bit of publicity for the forthcoming show behind the recent tabloid stories?

Poor Kelly was apparently only let out of hospital hours before the flight took off after spending 36 hours in hospital for stomach pains.

‘I’m famous for being a bit of a loudmouth,” said the wife of Westlife porker Bryan, “and I believe in speaking my mind. Because of that, I got myself wound up that I’ll end up the most hated woman in Britain.”

Kelly, we hate to break it to you, girl, but you’re not famous for having a loud mouth, nor are you famous for having been a member of Atomic Kitten before they were famous nor indeed are you famous because of your husband’s indiscretions on his stag night.

If you’re famous for anything, it is the fact that you have the sort of chest that could refloat the Titanic.’

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