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by | 27th, January 2004

‘SOME stories are so important that they are worth repeating.

Andy Warhol made sure he wouldn’t go short

That, we presume, is the reason why the Mail is so anxious to tell its readers that Tesco has stocked up on an extra 200,000 gallons of soup to beat the big chill.

Just as it did yesterday. And just as, we assume, it will tomorrow.

Some messages, as we say, are worth repeating. And such is the importance of this particular story that the Express also leads with news of ‘the great soup rush’.

Tesco, it says, has brought in – wait for it – an extra 200,000 gallons of soup to cope with the extra demand as plummeting temperatures sent shoppers into a frenzy of panic buying.

Sales of hot water bottles soared by 50%, duvets by 45% and electric blankets by 37%. Asda bosses brought in 18,000 extra cardigans and jumpers to help customers keep warm.

Electrical giant Comet saw a 33% increase in the sale of radiators, heaters and electrical fires, while outdoor pursuit chains saw huge sales of gloves, hats and fleece jackets.

In fact, everything seems to have been flying off the shelves, except newspapers – shoppers seem confident that they’ll get all the news they need for the week in Monday’s paper.’

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