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Macaw Blimey

by | 27th, January 2004

‘IF only there were more people like Tessa Jowell, Estelle Morris and Margaret Hodge around Tony Blair, instead of those who show signs of thinking for themselves.

N’Kisi has more words than John Prescott, but fewer cars

If Tony survives this testing period of his reign, he’ll surely look to bolster his party with more of the kind of people who can be relied upon to toe the line.

Which makes N’Kisi a front-runner for front-line politics. Indeed, so ideal would the African grey macaw be that in readiness for office he’s mastered almost 1,000 words and has a working knowledge of basis grammar and sentence construction.

And before you can says ‘future education secretary’, the Times produces a short transcript of an interview with N’Kisi in which he shows that he could be yet more.

In the course of the chat with his personal assistant Aimee Morgan, N’Kisi talks about his love of cars. ‘Wanna go in a car right now?’ he asks.

Aimee tells him that no car is available.

N’Kisi: ‘Why can’t I go in car now?’

Aimee: ‘Because we don’t have one.’

N’Kisi: ‘Let’s get a car.’

Aimee: ‘No, Kisi, we can’t get a car now.’

N’Kisi: ‘I want a car!’

Yes, we too can hear John Prescott squeaking uneasily on his car mats.

This is surely the biggest challenge to his power as the Cabinet’s designated driver since Euan Blair passed his test…’

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