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A Case For Inspector Morse

by | 28th, January 2004

‘THE same mysterious Fiat Uno that was first seen driving through Dallas in November 1963 and was most recently spotted in Paris in August 1996 has turned up again.

Spotted driving away from the scene

And this time it had its cross-country tyres on as it made its way over the Oxfordshire countryside and into the woods where the body of MoD scientist Dr David Kelly was later found.

Prime Minister Tony Blair may be cleared today of being indirectly involved in the events leading up to Kelly’s death, but three doctors are suggesting that someone may have been directly involved.

In other words, Kelly was murdered.

And they want the inquest into his death to be reopened to look into that possibility.

Kelly’s body, it will be remembered, was found slumped next to a tree in the Oxfordshire countryside, overlooked by a grassy knoll on which were found suspicious tyre marks.’

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