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by | 29th, January 2004

‘IS it a crime to want to kill Jim Davidson? Of course, it’s not. There’s not a jury in the land who would convict anyone for bringing the curtain down once and for all on Nick Nick.

‘Yeah. It’s still ‘ere’

But the ‘smutty comic’ called police after EastEnders hardman Steve McFadden threatened to do just that for cracking a nasty ‘joke’ about his girlfriend.

Davidson was introducing Lucy Benjamin, who is co-starring with him in panto, to a police benefit concert, paying tribute to her as ‘a great actress’.

‘Then,’ says the Sun, ‘in a typical foul-mouthed aside, he grinned: ‘She’s a great fuck, too!”

Neither Lucy nor boyfriend Steve saw the funny side, with Steve threatening Davidson over the phone.

‘I’ll rip your fucking head off,’ he said.

The former Generation Game host called police, saying: ‘He was going beserk and using all kinds of language threatening my life.’

All of which nonsense obscures the main point of the story, which is how happy we are to see that Davidson’s brand of humour has one appreciative audience – our boys in blue.

After all, the only person who hates Pakis, wogs, poofters, cripples etc. more than Davidson is our old friend PC Plod.’

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