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Becks’s Brazilian

by | 29th, January 2004

‘RONALDO might have been named Fifa World Player Of The Year on three occasions, have a World Cup winner’s medal, a Golden Boot, a European Cup winner’s medal and be a UN Goodwill Ambassador, but in Hello!’s eyes his greatest claim to fame is that he is ‘David Beckham’s team-mate’.

‘So why did your wife leave you, Goofy?’

And what higher accolade can he have than to play beside the man who was recently named by a poll of British 16 to 24-year-olds as the most influential character in history.

But the Brazilian is characteristically modest at being allowed not only to share the same turf as the England captain, but also the same dressing room.

And he is happy to show Hello! round the 13,000 sq ft luxury pad which the great Beckham once graced with his presence.

The time was last September, the occasion was Ronaldo’s 27th birthday and the mission was to show his world-famous team-mates just how Brazilians party.

‘It was,’ recalls Hello!, ‘David Beckham’s first real taste of Madrid’s world-famous non-stop party circuit and there was no shortage of Spanish celebrities, actresses and models.’

All drawn like so many moths around the flame that is Real Madrid’s No.23.

One woman who wasn’t there was Milene Domingues, Ronaldo’s estranged wife.

Only some men are lucky enough to meet their Victoria, and Ronaldo’s relationship with Milene sadly faltered after only four years together.

But Milene is happy to slip on a bikini and speak for the first time about their separation and her hopes of finding new love.

‘Next time I’m going to take some time to get to know the person,’ the 24-year-old says. ‘Because when you’re head over heels in love, you can’t think straight.’

And with that she slipped a well-thumbed photo out of her bikini bottoms, gazed longingly at the blond-haired footballer depicted thereon and sighed…’

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