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The Letters Of The Law

by | 30th, January 2004

‘WHILE the BBC was busy making news, around 50 cannabis smokers and campaigners were making something altogether more intoxicating.

‘It’s the one after C I have trouble with’

The Guardian looked on, not daring to inhale, as Edinburgh’s Purple Haze Café flung open it doors at 4pm, making the transition from greasy spoon to private cannabis club.

Among the crowd signing up to be members at the venue, where weed is not sold, were a few men in bright yellow jackets and oversized hats with a metal lining.

They had come to spread their own message, and handed out leaflets which clarified the law.

Which is? Well, the new law on cannabis is just like the old law.

It’s pretty decent of the coppers to take time out from catching those real criminals we often hear of to remind a few stoners that C is no different to B.

For the record, E is an altogether different thing, and so too, we are informed, is H. But C and B, for all practical purposes, are one and the same.

The Telegraph clarifies things even further and says that although cannabis, or bannacis, has been demoted from a Class B drug to a Class C drug, it will not be tolerated by the police.

Greater Manchester Police explain: “At the discretion of an officer somebody may be arrested for possession of cannabis if it is being smoked in public view, if the person is a repeat offender, if there is a local policing problem linked to cannabis use, or if the possession of cannabis is close to a school or youth club.”

Any questions? Yes, you, the bopper, sorry, copper with the red eyes. Er, no I will not empty my pockets. And no, this does not mean you got a B and not a C grade on your media studies GCSE…’

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