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Unwhole Again

by | 30th, January 2004

‘CATS may have nine lives, but Atomic Kitten only had two.

The Pointer Sisters

They survived the departure of Kerry Katona (now masquerading in the Australian outback as Ms McPudding) in 2001, but they will not outlast the loss of Natasha Hamilton.

The Mirror says a split had been on the cards for a while because Natasha has been suffering from post-natal depression after the birth of her son Josh.

A source tells the paper that problems within the band came to a head on Monday when Natasha failed to turn up to a meeting with Dolce & Gabbana where the girls were to discuss their outfits for their forthcoming tour.

“It was about the seventh or eighth time she hasn’t turned up to an engagement,” the source says, “and I think they realised they had taken things as far as they could.”

The Sun agrees, saying that the pressure of being in Britain’s top girl band proved too much for the young mother.

Jenny Frost and Liz McClarnon decided to call it quits rather than look for a replacement, and are both expected to try to pursue solo careers.

So much for the official version of events.

Anorak has learnt that the real reason for the split may be more complicated than that – they had literally run out of songs to sing.

“Between them, Atomic Kitten and Westlife have covered every song known to man and there was nowhere left to go,” a record company executive told us.

“The only option was for Atomic Kitten to start covering Westlife covers and Westlife to cover Atomic Kitten covers, but the girls had no appetite for that.”

Looking at them, they don’t seem to have much appetite for anything recently.’

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