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I Feel You

by | 30th, January 2004

‘THERE are ten people in the Australian jungle with appetites that are going unsatisfied, but for one contestant it is not just hunger for food.

Not so mysterious girl

The Star says sexual tension between Peter Andre and Jordan was bubbling over last night as the couple ended up having a late-night grope in bed.

“With the others safely asleep in their hammocks, the randy Aussie wasted no time to sneak into the 34FF Page 3 babe’s bunk for some serious fondling,” it says.

“Their pitch-black cuddle was caught on the camp’s night-vision cameras, giving viewers a clear signal that they are up for a rumble in the jungle as panting Peter pawed her thigh.

“It looked like the sexed-up pair were about to get down and dirty…just before frustrated Peter was sent back to his bed with his tail between his legs.”

Or, as closer inspection of the night-vision pictures reveals, with his tail not exactly between his legs.’

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