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Not Much Of A Climax

by | 30th, January 2004

‘GREAT! Sex And The City’s back on our screens tonight. Carrie, Samantha, the Ginger One and Miss Prissy. We can hardly wait. No, not for 10 o’clock tonight when the first of the last series starts but for six weeks hence when the programme finishes. For ever.

The face that launched a thousand vibrators

There are some TV moments that are guaranteed to do to the audience what a set of fingernails scraped down a blackboard could do to a classroom of kids.

And one of them is the toe-curling lead-up to that moment in every episode that leads up to Carrie typing into her computer nauseating questions like “Is being married the new single?” and “Is sex like solitude – better enjoyed on your own?”

Whatever life there was in any of the characters it has long since been extinguished – these days, they are preening, whining caricatures whose sole purpose seems to be to market the latest fashion trends to impressionable viewers.

Tonight, Samantha has lots of sex (yawn) and Carrie has not as much sex with Petrovsky (yawn). Roll on the post-Sex And The City era.’

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