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Advance Insania Fair

by | 2nd, February 2004

‘NOT everyone who makes it onto I’m A Celebrity… goes on to bigger and better things.

Available for pantomime

Indeed, the jungle clearing often resembles a culling field, a place where the lamest, most tired acts in celebritydom are picked off by a sniping public. We commend to your attention Darren Day.

But now in a rare moment of gentleness, we appeal for clemency. Peter Andre is just too easy a target for the bullet. There is no sport. Spare him.

To date, the Aussie warbler has admitted to needing singing lessons, told us that there is no ‘I’ in team, invented the word “insania” (he even worked it into a song), performed with all the self-awareness of a Pop Idol wannabe and frotted Jordan like a frustrated Japanese businessman passing through a school bus.

He must be spared.

Harry Hill is right: Peter needs to be rejected by Jordan so he can feel a rare pain and so go on to write some great love songs. They would, would they not, be pure dynamite.

So spare him. And if you must throw someone on the charcoals, let it be Kerry McPudding. Do it for us. Do it for Bryan. Do it for music!’

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