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by | 2nd, February 2004

‘THE Cheeky Girls deny that they are in the market for breast implants, but it seems that Danniella Westbrook can’t get enough.

‘I can float on my back for days’

In fact, it looks as if she has replaced one addiction (to cocaine) with another addiction (to silicone).

OK! catches up with the absurdly inflated ex-EastEnders star, who is only too keen to show off her £6,000 30th birthday present in a series of low-cut tops.

Little wonder that she is introduced to us as best friends with Jordan.

“We were comparing breasts and bra sizes last night in the bar,” Danniella says. “She was like, ‘Let’s have a look!’ I had my coat on and she had a look down the front and was like, ‘They’re nice!’

“That’s what girls do. Girls always talk about boobs and surgery.”

Of course – rarely do we speak of anything else at the Anorak Knitting Circle on Thursday nights.

But we do know that us girls are competitive and, even with her new 34DD chest, Danniella must look at Jordan’s 34FF whoppers in envy.

So can we expect yet more surgery?

“I’m a big believer in cosmetic surgery, but it’s up to the individual,” Danniella replies.

“I’m happy the way I am at the moment, but if in two years’ time there’s something I don’t like, I’ll change it.”

In the meantime, she is planning to offer Jordan her full support (and Jordan, as we know, needs one hell of a lot of support) in this year’s series of I’m A Celebrity…

“I’ll be voting for Katie, unless I see she’s really miserable and then I won’t vote,” she says.

“People still voted for me when I was really miserable, which was good because people were behind me, but it can be horrible in there.”

So, there’s no chance that the reason people voted for you was that they wanted to keep you out in the jungle for longer, is there? Just a thought…’

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