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If The Bra Fits…

by | 2nd, February 2004

‘ON the subject of I’m A Celebrity… and large breasts, it cannot have escaped your notice that Kerry McPadding is currently providing the rain in the Australian rainforest.

Anyone for McPudding

And that means that our lachrymose star won’t be able to share her wit and wisdom with the readers of OK!’s Hot Stars magazine this week.

But fret not – for who better is there to step into her shoes and oversized bra than her large breasted husband Bryan McPudding?

And it is breasts that Bryan wants to talk to us about, in particular those on display as a drunken Sadie Frost staggered out of Kate Moss’s 30th birthday party.

“Sadie’s got a great pair,” Big Mc reminds us. “If they were saggy, then she’d be in trouble, but even after four kids they still look great!”

And so do Abi Titmuss’s surgically enhanced pair.

“What goes on in John and Abi’s bedroom should be their own business,” Bryan says, “and it’s no wonder they’ve taken legal action to get back pictures of their romps that Jayson Blayde stole.

“If someone sell a story on a couple’s sex life, it should be that person who’s looked down on.”

Especially, if she is a lapdancer called Amy Barker, who spilt the beans on her night of passion with a certain member of Westlife on his stag do.’

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