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The Fuhrer Of The Valleys

by | 3rd, February 2004

‘IT has not evaded our searchlight that the incident at the Lidl’s supermarket occurred in one of its Welsh branches.

One of the few surviving pictures of Winnie

For this is not the only occasion in today’s press where Welsh-German relations make the news. Indeed, the Sun’s story is even set in wartime.

In ‘REVEALED: HITLER’S WELSH GIRLFRIEND’, the paper says that the leader of wartime Germany was enamoured with Brecon-born Winifred ‘Winnie’ Williams, and came close to marrying her.

A producer for BBC Wales has discovered love letters sent between the two, and noted that Winnie dubbed her loveable rogue of a boyfriend ‘Kapellmeister Wolf’.

What’s more, the Mail says that dear old Winnie also gave her Hittles the paper on which he was to write his study in concentration, Mein Kampf.

Sadly, things did not pan out, and Winnie turned down the Fuhrer’s offer of marriage in favour of a few years of wedded bliss to Richard Wagner’s bisexual son Siegfried.

As for what happened to Hitler, little is known for sure, but rumours are that he did finally marry one Eva Braun, but realising that she was no Winnie, immediately killed himself.

Had Winnie only given him her hand, Welshmen might today be pushing trolleys the right way though German supermarkets, winning football matches and laughing as only a true German can…’

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