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A Right Tit

by | 3rd, February 2004

‘YOU don’t need a degree in media studies. Full stop.

The star of the show

But you certainly don’t need a degree in media studies to work out that the baring of Janet Jackson’s right breast at half-time during Sunday night’s Superbowl was not an accident.

After all, who wears a star on their nipple if it is not intended to see the light of day?

But surely only America could get itself in such a tizz about something as tame as a semi-exposed breast.

In olden days a glimpse of stocking may have been something shocking, but these days anything goes – as a glance through any teenage magazine will confirm.

Nevertheless, the Indy reports that a federal investigation has been launched into what Michael Powell, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, called ‘a classless, crass and deplorable stunt’.

Justin Timberlake, the man responsible for the brief flash of flesh, claimed it was not intentional and blamed ‘a wardrobe malfunction’.

In fact, the wardrobe functioned exactly as planned and Jackson got reams of free publicity just as she is about to launch a new album.

However, Jackson’s breast was not the only piece of flesh on show – Mark Roberts, Liverpool’s record-holding streaker, ran onto the pitch in just a jockstrap and danced around for 20 seconds before being tackled by a Patriots’ lineback.

But his stunt was ruined by the fact that he was sponsored by a gambling website whose web address he had painted on his body.

At the risk of sounding like Fred Trueman, we at Anorak get all misty-eyed as we mourn the passing of the amateur streaker. After all, would Erica Rowe be remembered as fondly today had she had Goodyear emblazoned across her gargantuan breasts?’

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