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Buy, Buy

by | 4th, February 2004

‘WITH all the property shows on TV, it was odd that we never got to actually see an estate agent at work.

‘Think less rising damp, think more your own water feature’

When they did appear, all they did was offer their price (Property Ladder) or accept or decline a bid on behalf of their vendor (Location, Location, Location).

We began to realise that estate agents were TV’s last great taboo. Lesbianism, incest and snuff movies could wait – we wanted to see a real live estate agent on camera.

And then we got to see a whole load of them. And as is it with suddenly being given in large quantities what you were once denied, you quickly get sick.

Property People has made us feel a little queasy. The BBC2 show that follows life at a busy London estate agents satiated our thirst for a glimpse at those who buy and sell in the opening credits.

The offer on the table is that estate agents never appear on our screens again.

Like dry rot and rising damp, we suspect they are out there, but we don’t want to come face to face with them again unless we really have to.’

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