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by | 5th, February 2004

‘THERE is something pretty wrong with any country that chooses its leader on the basis of their record in a war that finished nearly 30 years ago.

‘Can we hurry up with the photo? The bar’s open already’

But Vietnam has such a strong hold on the American psyche that November’s presidential election is likely to be about in part the respective military careers of President Bush and the likely Democratic challenger John Kerry.

At least, it will be if Kerry has anything to do with it.

Bill Clinton may have become president in spite of allegations of draft dodging, but George Dubya Bush’s record is not exactly unblemished.

And, says the Independent, the Democrats are turning up the heat on the present incumbent of the White House.

Terry McAuliffe, the party chairman, suggested that Bush went AWOL after service in the Texas National Guard to help a political campaign in Alabama.

A White House spokesman described the suggestion as ‘outrageous and baseless’.

But with nine months to go before polling day, the slights on Bush’s spotless character and unimpeachable record are likely to become more and more deperate.

Next they’ll be accusing the President of manipulating election results or prosecuting a war on evidence that was at best selective and at worst known to be false.’

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