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Double Standards

by | 5th, February 2004

‘THERE are few things more satisfying than reading exposes about double standards, or more specifically double yellow line standards.

‘You say traffic jam; I say illegally parked’

Sticking with travel and cars, we move to the Sun’s story of the traffic warden who parked his motor not only on double yellow lines but also partly over a junction in order to hand out parking tickets in Bristol.

The accompanying picture marks the story out as irrefutable fact. No need for dossiers, reports into dossiers and questions in the House when the evidence is so very clear.

The warden did wrong.

Well, he did and, then again, he didn’t. He remains blameless because he apparently called into somewhere called ‘HQ’ to tell someone or other how he planned to park on the double yellow lines. So he’s in the clear.

Who he is, we don’t yet know since his name has not been announced, leaked or included on a list of potential terror suspects.

But we are confident Andrew Gilligan, our new freelancer, will let us know just as soon as he finds out…’

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