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The Lord Is Ben Shephard

by | 5th, February 2004

‘LOOKING at Ben Shephard out there in the celebrity jungle on assignment for GMTV, we realise that he cannot have travelled alone.

Are you Wilfred Owen in disguise?

It’s pretty obvious from looking at Ben’s clothes and preppy demeanour that his mum has made the journey to Oz with him, acting as his personal wardrobe assistant and style guru.

Ben is a nebbish. No, make that a celebrity nebbish, because he’s out there in the wilds of Australia showing us that whatever the Z-listers and G-cuppers can do in the camp proper he can copy…sort of.

So far, he’s made like Jenny Bond and been locked in a Perspex box and slowly lowered into a pond of water. This, says Ben, was ‘terrifying’.

He has also eaten something unpleasant and shared space with a certain Price woman. And that would be the mother of Katie Price, aka Jordan.

And judging by the photograph, Jordan’s mum and Ben look like they got on famously. Well, okay, not exactly famously, more well known in a very local sort of way…’

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