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by | 6th, February 2004

‘WHEN the BBC gets round to making its film of the Hutton Inquiry, we who still have faith in the corporation know what a good job it will do.

In this scene, Tony sees the irony in having once been in a band called Ugly Rumours

With Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen cast in the role of Tony Blair, David Jason as Greg Dyke, Ross Kemp reprising the role of Andrew Gilligan and Kelsey Grammer as the misunderstood Dr Kelly, the nation will sit glued as the cast takes it in turns to call each other plonkers.

And don’t worry if you miss it because, what with this being the BBC, Hutton Dressed As Lamb will be shown again very soon…and then again…and again.

The cast will then be reunited for a Christmas special, written by Carla Lane and set on a housing estate in Liverpool.

The show, however, remains only at the planning stage, since the Express has learnt that staff at the BBC are too busy recreating their finest moment and walking out in protest – again.

Having garnered some impressive viewing figures for The Short Walkout, the paper sees around 200 of the Beeb’s most loyal extras demonstrate against what they see as “attacks“ on their employer.

And what with this being a major news event, the BBC had protestors outside its offices in London, Newcastle, Manchester, Cardiff and Glasgow.

It’s not hard to imagine a breathless Andrew Marr (Davina McCall) gushing with a rare enthusiasm about the story that shook a nation.

And then right after Jonathan Ross has hosted “The 100 Greatest Hutton Moments”, don’t doubt that Greg Dyke might return to his job in the sequel.

“Obviously, in certain circumstances, if I was asked to go back of course I would go back. But I think it’s very unlikely,” says Dyke in the Express, before adding a ”luverly jubberly” and handing back to Huw Edwards (Jordan) for the rest of the day’s news…’

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