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The Roads To Ruin

by | 6th, February 2004

‘IF you have been affected by issues raised in story one, then call us on 0800 UpInArms to discuss the matter in a strictly one-on-one highly confidential way with our special advisers, Andrew Gilligan and Alastair Campbell.

‘No loitering’

In the meanwhile, be assured that you are not alone. There are many who are stuck in a rut, forced to repeat the same things over and over.

Take our friends at the Bristol parking warden depot, who having just yesterday parked illegally to hand out tickets, today repeat the trick by leaving their motor on zig-zag lines at a pedestrian crossing.

Thanks to Conrad Purvis, one motorist whose car was ticketed by the nefarious wardens, the Sun can carry yet more photographic evidence of the double standards that exist among the parking fraternity.

The Sun reproduces Purvis’ snap of the wardens’ illegally parked car and hears the “fuming” motorist relive his encounter with those who makes up the law as they go along.

Purvis says when confronted, one warden, who remains nameless, admitted that his parking on a zig-zag constituted an offence but since there were no police around it did not matter.

Not for no reason does the Express label this traffic warden and his ilk “hypocrites”.

But what is to be done? Well, the Express has heard from a spokeswoman for Bristol city council, which employs the wardens, and she says that an investigation is underway.

Lord Hutton will head the inquiry, and is likely to call all interested parties to give evidence as well subpoenaing local Bristol residents, like Euan Blair, to paint a fuller picture of life in thrall to terror.

The inquiry’s report is scheduled to be made public around 2005, at which time all traces of zig-zags, yellow lines and even cars may well have disappeared from view.

At which juncture, the whole matter will be handed over to Hans Blix.’

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