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Harry’s Game

by | 6th, February 2004

‘THERE can be little denying that Prince Harry is, like his dad, something of a lady’s man.

Lauren recreates the pose that made Diana a household name

On second thoughts, best make that ladies’ man in the plural, since the Sun has it on sound advice that many a woman wants the little ginger rascal.

The Sun’s “Official Page 3 Royal Poll” finds that of nine topless stunnas questioned as to which Royal they fancied, more plumped for young Hal than any other.

Alana did go for a corgi, saying how she could be sure it would be faithful, Sarina courted controversy by opting for Princess Anne, but three said they preferred the Harry option.

And the good news is that they are all just Harry’s type, since the Sun uses its front page to report on how he’s been seen canoodling with one of their number, namely Lauren Pope.

Blonde Lauren is said to have met Harry at London’s Chinawhites club, where she sat on his knee and whispered into his ear until the small hours.

The Sun caught up with Lauren, from Torquay, and asked her for the full details. “I don’t want to kiss and tell,” says Lauren.

However, she does make clean a breast of things on the paper’s Page 3, baring her chest and getting the Sun’s “By Royal Appointment” stamp of approval.

But when the next appointment will be, she and he are not saying.’

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