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Spinning For Jennie

by | 9th, February 2004

‘AND then there were three. Jennie Bond continues to defy the British public by refusing to be voted out in favour of a younger, better known and better looking celebrity and surviving until tonight’s final.

Good Queen Jennie

But the continued presence of lovelorn Peter Andre is perhaps even more staggering – how many more times do we need to hear him whine: “I really liked her, Jen. I don’t think she realised how much I really liked her.”

Kerry McPadding will, of course, win the show tonight – unless Jennie’s mum can sort out a second mortgage in time to allow her to hit the phones with the same gusto as she has shown up to now.

Let us just hope that is not a cue for the former Atomic Kitten to attempt a comeback as a TV presenter – anyone who ever saw her performance on Elimidate will shudder at the thought.

And, as Linda Barker is still contractually obliged to appear in 60% of all adverts appearing on British TV, that doesn’t leave much room for Our Kerry in that game either.

Come on Jennie!’

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