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Gypsy Rosy Lee

by | 9th, February 2004

‘FEW of us have much interaction with gypsies. No, not travellers, who hug trees and plunge themselves into holes to prevent woods from being concreted over nor even the women at the end of the pier who read palms, but bona fide Roma gypsies.

Another foreign-type taking from the public purse

However, the Express has news that soon we will not be able to move for fear of tripping over them, because we are in the shadow of a “GYPSY CRISIS”.

Tens of thousands of what the Express calls “poor, unskilled workers” are on their way, and our Government is powerless to stop them from coming.

And what’s worse is that some of the possible immigrants are gypsies.

Having used its front-page headline to conjure up images of mile-long trains of highly-painted wagons heading our way, full to the rafters with grasping hands, the Express concedes only that these hypothetical new arrivals might include gypsies.

And, what’s more, this “GYPSY CRISIS” only “could“ become a burden on the benefits system.

It’s an opinion espoused by Tory home affairs spokesman Humfrey Malins, who might like to consider the fact that the leader of his own party, one Michael Howard, is hewn from immigrant wood.

And realising that, Malins (and the Express, which takes up his views with a rare gusto) might ponder why immigrants will just sponge and try not to work hard and so emulate Howard and other successful arrivals.

Even the Star deigns to report that some of these foreign spongers are prepared to work for around £1 for a nine-hour shift stuck up to their ankles in Morecambe Bay mud.

But we must add that none of the bodies of the 19 who died performing such a job were gypsies.

Although, they might have been. And if they arrive, they might yet be. So watch out!’

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