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by | 9th, February 2004

‘FOR those who wish to learn more about how the real Kerry McPadding is not one bit like the foul-mouthed wannabe we see on our TV screens, her husband Bryan continues the conversation about the real her in OK!’s sister magazine Hot Stars.

Antony has bitten off more than he can chew

But if, like us, you want to see what Lucy Bolster’s getting up to, you’ll stick with OK! for a while longer

Good news is that Lucy is bearing up fine. It can’t have been easy being dumped by Blue’s Antony Costa while deep in the grip of pregnancy, but Lucy’s muddled on.

She had had to – she’s a mum.

And like all mums who appear in OK!, she wants to tell us about her pregnancy, “the few bleeds” she’s had, and how she survived the awful experience of nearly going into premature labour.

It’s been said that each generation likes to believe it invented sex. There is a certain truth in that. But just as poignant is the thought this is the era of the women who invented childbirth.

So here we have yet another young woman telling the world about what’s going on inside her.

What’s more – and can there be more? – Lucy’s insides incorporate her mental make-up, and we sit gripped as Lucy tells us about the turmoil she experienced at the hands of Costa.

Just to prove what a heartless cove he is, Costa is said to have dumped his pregnant girlfriend via a telephone call.

He then promised to be there during the pregnancy, but that was the last time Lucy says she heard for him.

If Lucy’s story is all true, we should consider finding it in our hearts to forgive her foray into celebrity motherhood. It might just be that speaking through OK! is the only way of telling Costa how things are going.

So we invite him to reply. Just a few words to our letters department will do, and we’ll see the missive is published and Lucy reads it.

And if it’s okay with Lucy, our video suite can handle any video of the birth.

As she says, “if Antony misses the birth of his first baby – he will miss a truly amazing experience”.

And she’s right. But thanks to us, he doesn’t have to. Fetch the plunger, we’re going in…’

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