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Pass The Duchess

by | 9th, February 2004

‘DUCHESS, redhead, author, toe-sucker, barrage balloon, friend to Princess Diana – is there no end to the talents of the ex-wife of Prince Andrew?

And the Bafta for best use of a tongue goes to…

And to that list we can soon add ‘actress’, after Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson decided to set her sights on scaling the heights in Hollywood.

“I would like to act,” she told the National Enquirer at the Golden Globe Awards. “I genuinely think it would be a good idea.”

Good for whom, exactly? For the permanently impecunious duchess perhaps, but certainly not for the viewing public.

“Certainly I have enough experience of drama because that’s what my life has been.”

In much the same way, we imagine an assistant in Prontoprint would make a very good movie star because they have a lot of experience with films.

Or Ron Davies, Anorak’s favourite badger-loving politician, would make a good director because he has so much experience hanging round sets.

But Fergie is modest about her own talents, suggesting that she might confine herself to TV acting. “Film might be a bit ambitious,” she says.

And if not TV acting, then what about TV presenting? Specifically, what about Fergie as talk-show host?

“I want to be a problem solver,” she says. “The next Dr Ruth – without the sex.” Or the next Jerry Springer without the fights. Or the next Kilroy without the anti-Arab rants.

So far, however, the Enquirer reports that there has been little interest.

“There’s a lot of concern that she can’t relate to US audiences and that’s a problem,” says top US critic Mark Berman.

“And, of course, she carries around a lot of baggage.”

Easy, Mark! She’s shed a lot of pounds since she became a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers.’

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