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‘Til Deaf Do Us Part

by | 9th, February 2004

‘IF Fergie needs proof that the ability to act your way out of a paper bag is not needed for Hollywood stardom, she need look no further than Ben Affleck.

‘And as my old acting coach used to tell me: ‘Always let your conscience be your guide”

The Enquirer this week becomes the 1,786th magazine to publish an article promising to reveal the real reasons behind Affleck’s split with fellow ham Jennifer Lopez.

It even listens in to the conversation between the pair at a table at Matsuhisa restaurant in Beverly Hill, where Jen is worried about Ben’s gambling and drinking.

“Jen tried to reason with Ben,” a friend tells the magazine. “She tried to talk him into getting some help for his own good – or, more importantly, for the good of their relationship.

“But it was no good. He didn’t hear one word he said.”

Which worrying news moves us to wonder whether Ben is suffering from the same affliction as Kiefer Sutherland, star of Fox’s absurd hit show, 24.

For 37-year-old Kiefer is apparently half deaf in one ear.

[Maths GCSE question 2004 – if Kiefer Sutherland has two ears and is half deaf in one of them, how deaf is he? A) A quarter; B) Deaf as a post C) Can you repeat the question?]

“It’s not so severe that I can’t function daily,” the actor says, “but it gets frustrating when I have a phone to my ear and I’ve got an actor off-camera talking to me.”

There are, however, potential upsides to Kiefer’s deafness, apart from being able to counsel Ben Affleck.

With a bit of luck, he won’t hear his alarm clock go off in the next series of 24…’

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